Speazie FAQ

  1. What is Speazie?

    Speazie is a professional music studio platform and mobile app that fits right in your pocket. Speazie allows users to create new songs through collaboration. Whether you’re a vocalist, a producer, or a mix of both, Speazie helps you take your tracks to the next level, get the boost you are looking for, and discover the collaborative opportunities you didn’t know you wanted.

  2. Can I use Speazie for any genre of music?

    Yes you can! Speazie encourages and promotes collaboration in and across all genres – from hip hop to rock, EDM to country, and everything in between. The opportunities are endless; we love it when genres cross over and users start to create new sub-genres!

  3. Can I create beats on Speazie?

    We currently don’t offer MIDI production tools. But we are always looking to enhance the user experience so stay posted for new features and developments.

  4. How does it work for electronic music (synthesizer-based music)?

    Speazie allows producers of electronic music to post their productions and source collaborators who can lay down vocals or other instrument lines.

  5. What makes Speazie different than other music sharing platforms?

    Speazie is an online global jam. Speazie allows users to participate in a larger music community in a far more interactive way. You can collaborate with your friends, chip in with ideas on songs, create tracks with people you’ve never met, and even participate in competitions and jam with your favorite musicians. It’s far more than just listening to music. You get to be part of the musical experience and share your talent with the world.

  6. Who is Speazie designed for?

    It’s for anyone that loves making music and, more importantly, wants to fuel their passion with like-minded people in a safe and vibrant environment. It is designed for aspiring and professional musicians alike to collaborate with a worldwide community of artists and take their music to a wider audience.

  7. Can I switch between devices and record without losing any beats or tracks?

    Speazie makes it easy for users to create and collaborate on their smartphone (our iPad version is coming soon). All postings and recordings are accessible on all devices associated with a user’s profile. A user needs to complete the recording process for a given track or collaboration on one sole device, but can access their posted recording from anywhere.

  8. How do I record a track?

    To create a track, a user simply has to browse the Speazie community for instrumentals, select one they wish to collaborate on, record using their smartphone, edit using Speazie’s editing presets, and finally share the track on their Speazie profile as well as their other social media platforms.

  9. What editing tools are available for use?

    We put together some useful presets that allow a user to instantly add effects to their vocals or instruments. Reverbs, echoes, and auto-tuning are all available. Speazie also provides a mixer to adjust the input volume of your recording.

  10. Can I add effects to my vocals or beats?

    While effects cannot be added to beats already posted by others, users can add sound effects to their recordings using Speazie’s built in presets, before sharing their collaboration with the world. Users can add sound effects to their vocal recordings within seconds using Speazie’s built-in presets before sharing their collaborations. However, effects cannot be added to beats already posted by other.

  11. What are the technical requirements to use Speazie?

    To be a part of the Speazie community, you just need to love music. We make participation as easy as possible and provide all the tools you need to collaborate and create a great recording and final track. However, to participate as a producer, you will need access to external software to create beats for uploading to Speazie.

  12. Can I download the tracks I create?

    You can stream any song, including the ones you make, for free. In order to protect our users and their content, we do not allow songs to be downloaded.

  13. How do I find people to collaborate with?

    It’s easy simply explore the Speazie community for the latest and trending songs, or if you have something specific you’re looking for, use the search function to look for genres or song names to work with. Speazie also makes it convenient to follow other users and get updates on their work.

  14. Where can I share my tracks?

    You can share your tracks within the Speazie community, or you can link Speazie with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to post your content there. You can also email direct links to your friends.

  15. Do I still own the music I upload?

    Yes. All content created by you is owned by you. Collaborators share the ownership of their co-creations and producers are always credited for their contributions to any vocalist’s track.

  16. I’m not a singer or producer, how can I participate/collaborate?

    Speazie is a great place to discover new musical talent, as well as follow your favorite artists and their musical collaborations. It is an interactive platform that allows passive users to explore new music and see what their favorite musicians are up to musically.

  17. I am in a band, how can we use Speazie?

    Speazie is a great platform for bands. Speazie allows band members to collaborate on ideas remotely and test out various ideas on a base song. With Speazie, never stop jamming! The jam is always on.

Last Modified: January 19, 2015